Practice Makes Progress

Parents often underestimate the importance of year-round swimming lessons, assuming that seasonal exposure or occasional trips to the pool are sufficient.  Learning to swim is a skill that requires consistent practice and reinforcement. Continuous lessons throughout the year allow swimmers to practice their skill set on a routine. Correct reinforcement discourages the formation of bad habits and a fear of water as children grow.
Boy Smiling Underwater
Girl Lap Swimming in Pool

Progression One Splash at a Time

Knowledgeable swimmers can demonstrate four different strokes and swim unassisted during pool instruction. Most children can proficiently demonstrate swimming knowledge in 1 to 2 years of year-round lessons. Children exposed to the pool during summer breaks can become knowledgeable swimmers in 5 years. Children who demonstrate swimming knowledge are better prepared for a diverse range of swimming situations. This should not be confused with the phrase “water safe” which is a limited range of skills to navigate an unintended fall into the water.

Pool Day All Year

Our seasonal indoor warm water facility makes year-round swimming enjoyable for kids. California can be chilly during winter and spring, but it is always warm in our pool! Our facilities are equipped with a winter enclosure that goes up in November and is removed in March. Students can expect indoor air temperatures of 75 degrees and pool temperatures of 92 degrees. Help your child maintain their water safety skills with our year-round program.
Boy Smiling in Pool

Swimming Strengthens Life Skills

By committing to year-round swimming lessons, parents can ensure that children develop the confidence and fitness to improve their skills. Swimming involves synchronized movements of both arms and legs, requiring coordination and bilateral integration. This improves small and large gross motor development as well as spatial orientation. It’s no surprise that year-round swimming has shown to benefit brain development, learning patterns, goal development, and improved social skills.