Great experience with Harriett’s swim school. Started children year-round swim lessons at age 4 and they quickly were able to float on their stomach and back, and make their way to the edge of the pool and climb out. Teachers are all so positive. They do a great job of getting the kids to slow down and be organized before they take off from the wall. The children look forward to their lessons every week and are excited to keep building their skills to be water safe.

Catarina K.

We took our 3.5-year-old daughter to HPAS for swim lessons with Nate.  He’s fantastic.  Efficient, patient (especially with a spirited toddler!), and effective.  When we go to other pools, she says “This is what Nate says to do” and then kicks her feet and blows bubbles in the water.  She looks forward to her lessons each week with enthusiasm, and we appreciate seeing the results each week.  Big thanks to Nate and the crew at Harriet Plummer!

Kiki M.

I can say these words about this swim school – amazing, impressive, and worth every penny.  My son was terrified of the water.  He will be 4 next month.  Literally, they had my son swimming in two weeks.  This was a kid who would not get his hair wet, let alone put his face in the water.  Today, he was throwing toys in the pool with his instructor and DIVING down to get it while holding his breath.  I highly recommend it.

Mario F.

Top-notch swim school.  My children learned the fundamentals of swimming, followed by developing strokes, resulting in their participation in the school’s summer swim team.  Mrs. Plummer and her staff are very experienced, patient, and friendly.  Also, their pool is warm and cozy year-round.

Roxanna C.

Cannot say enough wonderful things about this place. All the instructors are wonderful.  My child was fearful of the water and they had her swimming in four months (once a week for 15 min)! Other places might be less expensive or groups or longer sessions, and we tried them all…this was the only place that actually taught her to swim.

Dee P.

All 4 of my children have learned to swim at Harriet Plummer Aquatic School.  We’ve tried Splash in San Ramon and Sue’s Swim School in Alamo, intermittently through the years, but have found that the private lessons at Harriet Plummer were most effective in getting our children comfortable in the pool and swimming quickly and properly on their own.