What Makes Us Special

We specialize in teaching children between 3 and 8 years of age. From non-swimming to competitive stroke coaching.
Harriet Plummer Facilities
Harriet Plummer Instructor Area

All Lessons Are Private

Each child is taught one on one (instructor and student only) in a non-parent participation program. Each 20-minute lesson is customized to meet our students’ abilities and maturity. Our progression-based curriculum improves motor skills and confidence.

We Are a Year Round Program

Year-round swim lessons help kids retain and improve their water safety skills throughout the year. With more opportunities in the water, they can continuously increase their water safety skill set.
Boy Smiling in Pool
Harriet Plummer Student Chair with Swimming Accessories

Over 50 Years of Experience

We have taught thousands of students to swim. Our expertise in child development allows us to meet every child’s needs in the water. Our pool is staffed with knowledgeable instructors that are kind, mature and professional. We welcome students with special needs

Safety Is Our Priority

Our emphasis on swimming fundamentals makes safety a priority. Learning to swim takes time.  We anticipate most students will proficiency demonstrate our swim process in 1 to 2 years of year-round learning.
Harriet Plummer Branded Hat